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TD Glass – Under Construction

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We have been working in our warehouse studio space in St. Pete for five years. Now, we are putting all the final finishing touches in place, gearing up for our grand opening to the public in January 2019!

We would like to take a moment to introduce all the working studio spaces here at TD Glass.


Cold Shop

Production Manager Doug Gialluca with artist Trish Duggan

Doug Gialluca is our Production Manager. He oversees all operations in our Cold Shop, Warm Shop, Hot Shop and Metal Shop.

The Cold Shop houses equipment used to work on glass in a cold state, for example, grinding and polishing using tools like lathes, diamond saws, flat wheels, belts, pneumatics and grinding wheels.


Print Shop


Artist Trish Duggan works with staff in the TD Glass Print Shop.
Center: Trish with Print Shop Manager Gabriela Schmid

In our studio process, works are created first as prints. Art works are visualized, then actualized as a print series produced in 4 colors The relief print blocks are then used as molds for a corresponding series of cast glass sculptures.

Gabriela Schmid is our Print Shop Manager.

Our print shop uses aerosols and stencils and a 60” press to print each image in 4 colors.

Frame Shop

Coming Soon


Wood Shop


Wood Shop Manager Greg Williams at work.


We want the high quality of our work to extend to every aspect of its construction. Because of this, we manufacture our own frames and pedestals on site, ensuring that they meet our high standards of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Frames and stands are created using wood types authentic to their subject. Egyptian woods are used for Egyptian-themed works, African wood for our African-themed series and American woods for our American subjects.

Greg Williams is our wood shop manager.


Mold Shop


Creating molds for cast glass in our Mold Shop.

Our mold shop creates molds used in our cast glass works. The technique of casting glass dates back to ancient Egypt. Modern cast glass is formed by a variety of processes including kiln casting or casting into sand, graphite, wood or metal molds. Our shop also employs wax, silicone and plaster molds as well as lost wax casting.

In our studio process, works are created first as prints. The relief print blocks are then used as molds for our cast glass sculptures.


Warm Shop


Gabriela Schmid and artist Trish Duggan working in the TD Glass Warm Shop.

The warm shop is the site for creation of all fused glass and lampworking, bas relief casting and slumping. It contains facilities for stained glass and bead-making. Equipment includes 6 annealers.


Hot Shop

TOP: The Hot Shop Team (L to R) Eli Cecil, Trish Duggan, Gabriela Schmid, Bo Countryman, Doug Gialluca

The Hot Shop is the center of our glass blowing operations, where free form shapes are created from molten glass. New equipment coming soon includes a Statelman 350 LB, portable 150 furnace, two 28” glory holes and 6 kilns.

Metal Shop


TOP: The TD Glass Brand

Our metal shop is the site for all equipment fabrication, stand production and metal work commissions.