About the Artist

Artist Statement

Born in Arlington, Virginia, Trish spent her childhood in Guam and later moved to Southern California. Trish studied woodblock prints with her mentor, Yoshio Nakamura during the 1960’s in Los Angeles. After attending the University of California in Santa Barbara and studying printmaking, Trish traveled to Nagoya, Japan, where she attended Nanzan University and continued developing her woodblock prints. She was first introduced to glass in 1970 in Southern California where she began studying and creating stained glass. Trish’s original interest in wood block prints transitioned into three dimensional glass sculptures later on in her career.

In 2006, Trish moved to Clearwater, Florida, where she began working with fused glass. In 2013, Trish established a studio in St. Petersburg, Florida, and began casting glass sculptures that originated from her woodblock prints. Her work became a vehicle of self-expression in which she could inspire and uplift others. Trish’s desire to communicate the beauty of nature was influenced by her travels around the world. Spiritually inspired prints and glass sculptures contain a conscious message which serves to create awareness of nature and the cosmos. Trish’s work explores the greatest sacred ancient mysteries which mirror nature and the spiritual world. Merging traditional workshop systems and modern, unique sophisticated techniques serves as an important component in her process.

Trish’s method links traditional and modern woodblock printing techniques while challenging new ways of thinking about integrating multiple mediums. A contemporary approach is introduced to the woodblock carving system while the prints still preserve the integral custom of the printmaking process. The imagery from the prints are then produced as three dimensional sculptures, as the woodblocks provide a mold for casting glass. The relief of the mold creates rich grooves and cuts embossed into the surface of the glass piece. The collection of woodblock prints, traditional imagery and glass sculptures provide a window into the world of creating new and innovative forms. Trish calls Clearwater, Florida home, but through her travels she is able to express her experiences in her glass. Trish dedicates her time toward artistic endeavors that benefit and excite people. She is focused on inspiring and uplifting others.

Currently, she has created a space that generates awareness for the history of the American studio glass movement. In January 2018, Trish unveiled the Imagine Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida where she has featured more than fifty of the top American glass artists and a beautiful selection of international glass artists. The museum is a surprisingly glorious setting that highlights human creativity!


To Create a More Aesthetic Universe